Dingos Fraser Island 4WD Safari

Dingos Fraser Island 4WD Safari

18 July 2014

Fraser is an island many backpackers talk about. It is supposed to be a true paradise and one of a kind. Special is Fraser for sure, not only because it's the world's largest sand island. It is also a world heritage site, because the plants and animals on the island are one of the purest of Australia. The other reasons this island is special, I would find out the next three days...

I explored Fraser Island by 4WD on the Dingos Tag along Fraser Island tour from Rainbow Beach. My Fraser briefing started at 16.30 the day before my trip was planned. We had a little talk and video about the rules and dangers of Fraser and then our groups were announced. I was put in group D with two Israelian guys (Ollie and Guy), two Canadian girls (Adele and Sara), two German girls (Nadine and Laura), one English girl (Helen) and my own German travelbuddy (Florian) (See guys, I've put all your names here ;)). In the beginning everybody was a bit quiet but that changed soon when we got to know each other. The next day we got up at 6.00 to prepare our cars and enjoy the free pancakes at Dingo's Resort.  A 10 minute ferry brought us to Fraser and the driver drove straight to our camping place where we had to set up all the tents and camping gear. As soon as that was finished it was time to discover Fraser! Our first stop is the most photographed spot on Fraser: Lake McKenzie.

As soon as we approached the lake, a lot of "Ohhs" and "aahhs" were shouted. And for sure, the lake is amazing! The whitest, finest sand you have ever seen, with turquoise, clear water and a blue sky makes this lake truly incredible. After frolicking for two hours in this beautiful spot we had a walk in the rainforest and our driver told us everything about the trees and ancient history. At night, we cooked our chicken-with-rice diner and a bond with the group was set. 

We had goon at the beach and watched the stars, which was only the beginning of my many 'happy moments' on Fraser! The next day we all woke up with backpain, but that couldn't keep us from enjoying the island to the fullest. Our shower took place at the biggest stream of Fraser. More than a million liter of fresh water flows through this stream everyday.

The water is pretty cold; a natural painrelief for the Aboriginal women that used to live on the island. The next stop is the famous Maheno wreck, a ship that stranded on Fraser 80 years ago and is there ever since. Hayden took us to a turtle lake afterwards and managed to catch one (after many failures, which was really funny!). Most of us took a swim in the lake to get some refreshment of the hot sun. Then, it was finally time for me to drive! I changed cars and had a awesome drive through the sandy offroad tracks and even on the beach to the place where we had lunch.

Controlling such a powerful car on this incredible island reminded me of what a lucky person I am, to be able to experience all this! After lunch we drove to the Champagne Pools, natural formed pools close to the beach. The waves splashing into the pools make them look like a flowing champagne spring... The night was filled with steaks, goon and playing guitar on the beach, a perfect closure of a perfect day! I had my first encounter with a dingo, which was quite scary since I was all by myself. But of course I managed to survive this dangerous animal ;)!

The third day it started to rain unfortunately. We had to pack up our tents and clean up the place before we went to Lake Wobby. Sleeping two nights on the floor in small tents is a must-do experience on Fraser, but everybody looked forward to sleep in a real bed again. Lake Wobby was a 30 minute walk away from the parking place and everybody got soaked before we even reached the lake. The walk is beautiful though and so is the lake! Many people got company from catfish and we all enjoyed the warm water, the rain made it even nicer!

Back in the car we were all pretty cold and tired, time to go home... Fraser left its mark in the memories of the whole group and so did each person. We truly had the most amazing group and guide, and for me Fraser Island made it to the top one of my Aussie experiences! It really is paradise and one of a kind...

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"We wanted to see Fraser Island for 2 days with our friends. We booked an overnight tour with Travel Freedom, and it was a great trip which explored the main highlights on Fraser. The accommodation in the resort was great for our group as well as we all got to share a room. The guys at Travel Freedom made the entire process easy. Thanks a mill."

Arthur McLeay (IRE)

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"We loved the tour! John the tour guide was super friendly and made our stay super pleasant and fun! The group in the tour were super nice, it was indeed the perfect fit for us. And of course the island is beautiful and we had a perfect weather. The facilities and the food were above our expectations, I would definitely recommend this trip to anyone."


"Absolutely loved my trip to Fraser Island I had a wonderful time and the tour was very well organised and fun!"


"Rainbow Beach Adventure Company was an excellent service provider. The staff that supervised us was helpful, kind and had a lot of humour. We absolutely loved it.
I personally wrote a very good comment on TripAdvisor and I will recommend them to my friends."


"An amazing trip! Great value and the service was very professional and such helpful staff.
The team that run the tours are very supportive of each other. The accommodation booked was very nice and she kept the same room for our return so we didn’t need to repack at no charge.. excellent service.

Lots of swimming.. relaxed tour and the group got on really well. Our resort on the Island and meals was very pleasant. All went very smoothly. We both enjoyed the level of activity as in and out, walks etc so not just sitting in buses. Highly recommend."

Scott. J

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